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    1. Strictly abide by the "Regulations on the protection of computer software" of the people's Republic of China, and will not collect any user data. It is strictly forbidden to use this software to infringe other people's privacy. If the software user fails to comply with this regulation, please delete it immediately. Any adverse consequences caused by the user's use of this software, such as personal or other people's privacy disclosure, shall be borne by the user, and the software author shall not be responsible Take any responsibility.

    2. Users are not allowed to reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble the software product. The violation is an infringement and shall bear the adverse consequences.

    3. The software shall not contain any virus, Trojan horse, and other malicious code that damages the user's data. However, as the software product can be downloaded and spread through the network, the software author can not guarantee whether the software is infected with computer virus, hidden Trojan horse program or hacker software for the software product downloaded from the site designated by the non software author To be liable for direct and indirect damages arising therefrom.

    4. The software will be updated continuously, so as to provide users with new functions and correct bugs in the software in time. At the same time, the author of the software guarantees that the software does not contain any malicious code designed to destroy the user's computer data in the process of upgrading.

    5. Due to the difference and complexity of the software and hardware environment of the user's computer, the functions provided by this software can not guarantee the normal execution or the desired results of the user under any circumstances. The author of the software shall not be responsible for any consequences arising from the user's use of the software.